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Angelica Root++++protection against negative energies, curses, hexes, purifacation

Bay leaves++++++enhancing memory, good fortune, success, strength,

Bee pollen+++++++antioxidants, health benefits decrease inflammation

Benzoin Resin++++to improve atmosphere add to your ritual magick

Catnip++++++++++ psychic bonds with animals,power, courage

Caraway Seeds+++heartburn,bloating, kill bacteria in the body

Chamomile++++++soothing sedative, meditation

Cloves Whole+++++tooth pain,calms stomach, clears head

Comfrey+++++++++arthiritis, protection, fractures

Damiana+++++++++increases magical energy, dreams

Devils Shoestring+++protection, bring good luck, protection while carrying

Eucalyptus++++++++attracts healing, eases lung congestion

Feverfew+++++++++protection against accidents, sickness,

Garlic Powder++++++reduses blood pressure, healing

Ginseng++++++++++sexual potency,beauty, healing

Ginkgo Bilobo+++++considered an elder herb, spells for longer life,

Goldenrod+++++++topically, for excess body fluids, addition for money

Horehound++++++++bronchitis, colds, clarify

Jasmine++++++++++calm nerves, psychic dreams

Juniper berries++++++health, attracting good, love, protection

Lavender+++++++++freedom from stress, protection

Lemon Verbena++++love spells, wear to prevent dreams

Mandrake ++++++++protection, fertility, attracting love, exorcising evil spellwork,

Marshmello Root++++Culinary, powerful magical working, protection

Mugwort++++++++++visionary dreams, consencrate tools

Mullein Leaf+++++++diarrhea, keep nightmares away

Nutmeg++++++++++mild halluucingen, energy

Oak Moss++++++++calming presence when burnt, money draw, healing

Raspberry leaf++++visions, healing, protection

Rosemary+++++++nausea, calming, visions

Rose Pedals+++++psychic powers, love spells, healing,

Sage+++++++++++antiperspirant, wounds, wisdom, protection

Sea Salt+++++++++cleansing, consecration, protect magic

Skullcap+++++++++sediative, tension, insomnia, peace

St Johns Wort+++++anti depression, divination

Sulphur++++++++++prevent a hex, destroys power over you

Thyme+++++++++++Luck, cleansing, money, stopping nightmares

Valerian Root++++++calms nerves, sleep aid, purification

Vervain++++++++++for minor pain, headaches

Wormwood+++++++banish anger, black arts, divination

White Sage+++++++purifies, centering, attune to spirit world

Witches Grass+++++Attracting new lover, unhexing, uncrossing, depression, seeking happiness

Kava Kava++++++++spitual visions, sleeplessness, pain

Yarrow Flower+++++Healing, Divination

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