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I have Added Dried Herbs to my Web Store

Posted by themysticcandle on September 28, 2020 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

                                 USES FOR HERBS

Catnip++++++++++ psychic bonds with animals,power, courage

Chamomile++++++soothing sedative, meditation

Cloves Whole+++++tooth pain,calms stomach, clears head

Comfrey+++++++++arthiritis, protection, fractures

Damiana+++++++++increases magical energy, dreams

Devils Shoestring+++protection

Eucalyptus++++++++attracts healing, eases lung congestion

Garlic Powder++++++reduses blood pressure, healing

Ginseng++++++++++sexual potency,beauty, healing

Horehound++++++++bronchitis, colds, clarify

Jasmine++++++++++calm nerves, psychic dreams

Lavender+++++++++freedom from stress, protection

Lemon Verbena++++love spells, wear to prevent dreams

Mugwort++++++++++visionary dreams, consencrate tools

Mullein Leaf+++++++diarrhea, keep nightmares away

Nutmeg++++++++++mild halluucingen, energy

Raspberry leaf++++visions, healing, protection

Rosemary+++++++nausea, calming, visions

Sage+++++++++++antiperspirant, wounds, wisdom, protection

Sea Salt+++++++++cleansing, consecration, protect magic

Skullcap+++++++++sediative, tension, insomnia, peace

St Johns Wort+++++anti depression, divination

Sulphur++++++++++prevent a hex, destroys power over you

Valerian Root++++++calms nerves, sleep aid, purification

Vervain++++++++++for minor pain, headaches

Wormwood+++++++banish anger, black arts, divination

White Sage+++++++purifies, centering, attune to spirit world

Kava Kava++++++++spitual visions, sleeplessness, pain


Exploring Witchcraft

Posted by themysticcandle on November 10, 2017 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)
I am most happy to meet someone else who is interested in exploring witchcraft, the old religion, and it's way of life. Witchcraft, Wicca also called Wicca craft, or alternatively the craft. This previously underground religion has much to teach every human about survival, and about the ethical use of natural powers. The craft is a way of life that investigates every potential you have. Nothing is off-limits. The craft draws its strength from the diversity of nature itself, indeed it's rejoices and diversity. Your views and interest are just as valid as anyone else's and I hope that you too will help to push back the artificial barriers that surround many religious dogmas. The basic correspondence course that is outlined in the material will give you a thorough grounding in today's Wicca and will help you understand it's basic underlying mindset. Many people have been through periods of heart rendering grief and have questioned the foundations of their believes and the reason why life exist. Occasionally everyone asked these questions.Why Are We Here? Why do I feel alone? What does my life mean? Will things ever get better? Why do I feel alienated from the world around me? Why must I experience pain and bullshit? We feel confident that we will give you answer to those questions and will guide you to find a new path through life one that has progress and illuminates a lot of utter nonsense offered in many books and lectures. You are joining hundreds of serene men and women who have found a new way of life and an alternative spirituality, who feels that they have come home. I hope what you're reading appeals you. Blessed Be


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There are three types of service used by Wicca. The first Is the weekly service to which all are welcome. It is held at a set time each week and lead by the covens leader. The second is an eshbat. This service is attended only by initiated coven members and occurs on the night of the full moon, at the end of the service been arranged to coincide with the moons crossing of the local Meridian. The third is a Sabbat, The great festival is held four times a year. Savitz replace the ash bats scheduled for the full moon. The object of any service is first to protect those present, then to assist them in relaxing, casting off their daily cares, and participating in a mental and spiritual exercise. The usual time for a weekly service is 7 o�??clock on Saturday evening. But each coven can arrange it on most convenient time. The coven members attend service in their robes or incognito. Requirements for the meeting place are minimal, a flat on uncarpeted floor, a Table, some way of making music, a pleasantly shaped rock, some sand, two candles a live growing plants wooden holder�??s and some folding wooden camp chairs. Once the congregation bills and becomes more sophisticated, a special place where this can be built and concentrated, but in the most countries the needs for occasional changes in menu still exist, so the surface necessity are kept simple. Soon we expect to settle and restore our sacred areas to the their old glory. We arrange the chairs in the largest complete circle the room can contain. If the congregation is large, there are two or three rows. We place a table at the eastern side of the circle and set to have any candles in wood holder�??s and the living plan on it. We arranged the sand neatly in the center of the table. We asked that no make up be worn by the participants and the very minimum of metal jewelry be present.

Breaking Ring of Controll

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Breaking a ring of control. You may have worn a wedding ring for years, perhaps you did not realize it’s controlling influence. Take it off for a few hours. If you feel better and somehow different without it, lighter, freer. Then it is indeed a control ring. Perhaps you do not want to offend your mate by leaving it off permanently, but you may want to break it’s controlling influence. Somethings you can do to accomplish this. Immerse the ring for a few seconds of heavily salted, Briskin boiling water. Just dip it in Take it out quickly out of the water and put it on an ice cube. The thermal shock treatment will remove any charm in this ring. Another way is to carefully cut right through one side of the ring with a fine blade so that its former complete circle is interrupted. Any roofers can be smooth out with a fine file. It is all right to pay a jeweler to do this. The Of the ring removes is controlling influence. The circle of control is broken. You can wear the modified ring with an easy mind for you know that your feelings are now your own. Controlled no longer by the ancient symbol of domination. Blessed Be

Ring of Power

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To make yourself a ring of power As you may have felt, energy flows out of your index finger and out of the one adjacent to it. As you should choose a wideband, how are leaves you, a ring bearing symbols can tune it. The tune power, then, is to him specifically to a given purpose, just as you would tune your radio to select a specific station you want from among the hundreds available for listening. The symbology that a witches uses in making and tuning a ring. Start with Sigil repeated twice around a ring of silver, engraving filled with red enamel. Sigil of your birth sign, pentagram, double s. Blessed Be


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Wicca does not believe in a hell to which souls are assigned when they’ve been naughty on earth. Hell is here on earth. It is inside you. The frustration of being unable to get or to do something, the temptation to take the easy road that will harm someone, and the fears of having errors catch up with you these things because regret, and when they are allowed to rule your life, the regret becoming as hell with sleepless nights and mine torturing dreams

Stress Tea

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Recipe for stress Tea, 1 teaspoon English breakfast tea, 1 teaspoon chamomile dried 1 teaspoon elderflower, dried and crushed 2 teaspoons hops, Dried and crushed 2 teaspoons of rose hips, dried 1 teaspoon Valerian Root dried and crushed This is a good tea for days one stress seems overwhelming. You can make the tea in an automatic tea maker or use two pots, straining the herbs from one into the other with boiling water. Before you pour the tea, swirl it in the pot and say these words Chase away pain and stress Chase away all duress Chase away the negative Open up the positive